Laboratory Mac Machines

I have prepared a script that will download Mongo and Node for you and "install" them both in a local directory. We will create a directory for that purpose and then run a setup script that will set your environment to understand where the binaries for Mongo/Node are located.

This is currently broken on linux, but should be working very soon/in the next day or two. Node seems okay, but Mongo has a library issue.
mkdir p422
cd p422
curl >

You should see a few things download and then be told that Mongo is running in the background. Now, every time you open a new terminal, just run the setup script again to continue work.

cd p422


sudo apt update
sudo apt install mongodb-server

The version of node in Ubuntu (for WSL) is an old version of node as nodejs. I suggest the following as well:

curl | tar xJ
echo "PATH=\"$PWD/node-v10.9.0-linux-x64/bin:$PATH\"" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc